Choose the right truck for your application

Choose the right truck for your application

Choose the right truck for your application

For moving pallets horizontally, the hand pallet jack is the most commonly used internal truck worldwide. The hand pallet jack owes that popularity to the low purchase price. When the placement frequency and the weight of the load increase, an electric pallet truck can be a wise option.

Hand pallet jack: the perfect aid for occasional use

The hand pallet jack is the perfect aid for those who have to move pallets intermittently and over limited distances. It is compact, handy and can be used by anyone. The hand pallet truck also offers advantages in the cargo bed of the truck; on the one hand thanks to its lighter weight, and on the other thanks to its compact dimensions, which guarantees easy manoeuvring and confined spaces.

Standard hand pallet jack are often equipped with nylon wheels. Those who want more comfort can opt for a truck with rubber wheels. The "more luxurious" hand pallet jacks are also equipped with a rapid lift. The maximum lifting height is hereby achieved in significantly fewer strokes. This is useful when loads have to be picked up and moved more often. When choosing a hand pallet truck, the way in which the load can be places also deserves attention. For the maintenance of the warehouse loading floor and safety it is important to lower heavy loads. The lowering sensitivity of the lever can vary per hand pallet jack.

Use of manual pallet truck

The lifting capacity of a manual pallet truck can go up to 2 500 kg. For safety reasons it is recommended that, the weight for a regularly used hand pallet truck is limited to a maximum of 750 kg. Starting the load takes a lot more effort and demands a lot from the body. For heavier loads above 750 kg it is advisable to consider switching to electrical powered pallet trucks. If the utilisation of the truck increases.

Electric pallet truck: an efficient solution

As the transport distances increase, the electrical powered pallet truck is an efficient solution. These pallet trucks are equipped with an electric motor that controls the driving and lifting of the load. Thanks to the electric motor, electric pallet trucks also have a greater load capacity than manual pallet trucks. The electric motor prevents heavy pulling and pushing when transporting heavier loads. The lowering of the load is also easier with an electric pallet truck. The weight of the load can move up to 3 500 kg, for even heavier loads, there are custom-made electric pallet trucks.