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Ameise® Electric Stacker Truck

  • 1000kg capacity
  • 3300mm lift height
  • Electric drive
  • Suitable for open pallets only

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Showing 1-1 of 1 item(s)

Electric stacker
For daily lifting and stacking operations in your warehouse or other workshop, a good, robust quality stacker truck is an indispensable tool. In addition to the efficient transport and stacking of goods, a professionally designed stacker truck also ensures that employees are supported ergonomically at every step of the work process and are not subjected to back, neck or shoulders. Our versatile stackers can be used as multi-functional stackers:
• Means of transport for goods
• extra work table
• mobile workbench

Before you decide to buy a stacker truck, you should first carefully examine which variant suits your company and work situation. Are you going to use the stacker truck in your warehouse or do you have a different type of workshop? Do you perhaps not have a lot of work space and are therefore looking for a relatively small stacker, so that you can more easily take narrow turns? Maybe you want to buy your used stacker truck or you are looking for an expert who offers the rental of stackers. Whatever you're looking for, our extensive range of stackers will undoubtedly include one that's right for your business.

The right stacker for your lifting and stacking work
At Jungheinrich PROFISHOP you will find stackers in a wide range of models and designs; from sturdy entry-level models to high-quality models for intensive and industrial use. Some stackers are equipped with additional features that make work easier and give employees even more flexibility on the shop floor. Below are the two types of stackers that we offer in our webshop.

Manual stackers
Our manual stackers can be transported and operated by hand by means of an ergonomically designed drawbar. They usually have a sturdy steel frame and are equipped with castors with a safety brake and foot protectors against injury. The hydraulic stackers in our range are ideal for working with heavy loads at high altitudes. The power steering and low turning radius make steering and manoeuvring these stackers smooth and easy. A quick lift saves you a lot of power and time when lifting the load to the desired height, as it greatly reduces the number of pump strokes required. Do you prefer a pallet stacker using a safety hand winch to lift the load? Then you can choose one of our robust hand winch stackers. All our manual stackers allow step less and controlled lifting and lowering of goods.

Electric stackers
Jungheinrich PROFISHOP's electric stackers are of the highest quality and offer the convenience of automatic lifting and stacking of both heavy loads and lighter goods. The ergonomic drawbar manually moves the stacker to where you want to work and there you can lift the load at the push of a button. The vehicles have an integrated charger that works at any power outlet, so you can easily charge the battery on the spot and continue working undisturbed. The electric models are available with single, double or triple mast, depending on the lifting height you wish to reach. A number of electric pallet stackers are equipped with a so-called crawl speed button to allow easy manoeuvring even in confined spaces.

Buying a stacker: what should you pay attention to?
In addition to the choice between a manual and an electric pallet stacker, you should also consider what functionalities you need on the shop floor and what can benefit efficiency and safety within the company. It is wise to consider the following points when purchasing a new stacker truck.

Load capacity - Consider the weight of your regular loads and make sure you have a large margin. Our stackers offer a capacity of up to 2000 kg.
Lifting range - Check how high you want the loads to be stacked and make sure you have some room for manoeuvre here as well. Our range of stackers offers various possibilities up to a lifting range of 4390 mm. You can also increase the lifting height of a pallet stacker with a telescopic mast.
Forks - Consider whether the cargo you usually carry may require wide or narrow forks. Of course, it is possible that the size of the load changes regularly. Then it is often wise to choose a stacker truck with adjustable forks.
Built-in scale - Do you need to accurately record and keep track of the weights of all your loads in a comprehensive administration? Then a stacker truck with a built-in scale can be a very smart investment. It saves you a lot of time and effort and is extremely precise.
Buying or leasing - Not sure if buying is profitable or not.