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Hand pallet truck Ameise
Are you looking for a reliable and robust hand pallet truck for internal goods transport in ground level areas? Take a look at our complete range, which offers not only sustainable quality but also various professional models with a great price-performance ratio. This means that you always have the best tool for transporting containers and pallets at your workshop or in the warehouse. At Jungheinrich PROFISHOP you will definitely find the ideal hand pallet truck (also known as a hand pallet truck or hand pump truck) for your specific tasks and needs.

Manoeuvrable hand pallet trucks in different quality classes
Among the pallet trucks, the hand pallet truck is the most commonly used variant, due to its high manoeuvrability, minimal maintenance and relatively low costs. With a high quality hydraulic pumping system and a lifting range of at least 200 mm, you can easily lift your goods manually to the desired height and transport them simply and efficiently in ground level areas. Due to the compactness of the hand pump trucks, they are generally easy to manoeuvre in smaller spaces. Depending on what you need the hand pallet truck for, you can choose from different quality classes in our webshop.

BASIC entry-level model
If you need a hand pallet truck for lighter loads and occasional use, then our BASIC variant offers a strong and inexpensive entry-level model with a maintenance-free lifting system and a load capacity of up to 2000 kg. This model is easy to operate due to the large tiller head and easy to manoeuvre due to its 210° steering angle. The functional lowering lever allows you to park your load at the desired location in an uninterrupted and convenient manner. 

Optimal price-performance ratio with Ameise For top performance at an affordable price, you can't miss the point with a robust Ameise model. The sturdy construction ensures that hand pallet trucks of this professional brand are durable and powerful. Because of the long, reinforced tiller arm, these hand pump trucks are stable to turn and turn and with tandem wheels the trucks transport goods even on uneven surfaces still smoothly. With a handy quick lift function, you can lift the load to the maximum lifting height with just 5 manual pump strokes and save a lot of time and work. The drawbar lever remains comfortable to use in cool rooms due to its plastic coating that is insensitive to low temperatures.

Jungheinrich hand pallet trucks for the highest demands
The ergonomic premium models from Jungheinrich are recommended for lifting jobs with the highest demands. These hand pump trucks generally have a higher capacity and the continuously lubricated connections ensure that they are completely maintenance-free. Due to the short front length, the manoeuvrability of these hand pallet trucks is optimal, allowing you to work with them in the tightest corners. The optimised hydraulics also reduce the effort required and the ergonomic construction offers unprecedented ease of use. Thanks to the symmetrical construction and the patented steering on the drawbar handle, these hand pallet trucks are suitable for left- and right-handlers. They also offer a high degree of stability with an optimised lowering valve and forks made of harder and thicker steel.

Hand pallet trucks with various functions and versions
The Jungheinrich PROFISHOP hand pallet truck range offers a variety of models and functionalities so that you can have a vehicle that is tailored to your specific internal transport needs. The professional hand pallet trucks from Jungheinrich PROFISHOP offer real added value with various practical functions. Consider the following options:

• Load capacity: check the maximum weight of the goods you normally have to carry. The Ameise and Jungheinrich trucks are available with load capacities from 2000 to 3000 kg.
• Minimal noise pollution: If you want to work in an environment or at times with strict noise regulations, a PIEK-certified hand pump truck with a Silent Drive function is the answer.
• Tilt surfaces: A vehicle with a drum brake is recommended for stable working on driveways or tilted surfaces. A control lever on the drawbar handle makes it easy to apply the brake while driving.
• Tight spaces: consider whether you need extra agility or even an extra small size, such as a mini hand pallet truck or one with short forks.
• Multiple pallets at once: a hand pallet truck with extra-long forks allows up to three pallets to be transported at once. This can save you a lot of time.
• Extra wide / long loads: When transporting goods that are extra long or wide, a four-way hand pallet truck is recommended. It is available in four directions.